18647 Centre Street

Mount Albert

Ontario  L0G 1M0

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Owner / Program Director

‚ÄčKelly Maxwell


Kelly was a typical "horse-crazy" kid who started out attending local summer riding camps and dreaming of owning her own horse.    Her passion grew in 1975 when her family relocated to Reichenbach, Germany where she was enrolled in a formal riding school for 2 years before returning to Canada.   

Kelly continued riding and taking lessons through her youth, becoming a member of the Canadian Pony Club, dabbling at local competitions and developing life-long friendships with other riders her age.  As an adult she pursued opportunities to work at various riding schools in her free time and discovered a passion for teaching young riders the basics and eventually began the process of becoming a certified instructor with Ontario Equestrian.    

It was always the recreational and therapeutic side of the horse world that appealed to Kelly the most.   Her joy was always about the quiet focus she felt around the horses and as an adult, the connection and peace away from a busy and stressful work life.   

And in 2006, when an opportunity presented itself, Kelly jumped at the chance to leave 25 years of corporate life behind to chase her dream of running her own lesson program.     One which allowed young riders to have fun, be safe and learn without pressure to compete, without exclusion of have's and have-not's.   A program to teach the grassroots of riding, horsemanship and equine sport to anyone who simply loved being around horses.  That program is Wake Robin Farm.

Kelly Maxwell