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AGES - Lessons are available for students from 4 years of age and up.   Adult riders are welcome.

PAYMENT POLICY - Payment for lessons is required, in full, on or before the start of the lesson package.  Wake Robin Farm accepts cheques (payable to Wake Robin Farm) or e-transfer to info@wakerobin.ca.

LESSON PACKAGES - Basic lesson packages include 4 lessons and must be taken weekly on a pre-scheduled date and time.   Please see our cancellation policy.    Lesson packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.

CANCELLATION POLICY Wake Robin Farm must receive a minimum 24 hour WRITTEN notice of absence/cancellation of a lesson.      Lessons that have been cancelled with 24 hours notice must be rescheduled within a 2 week period of the missed lesson.   Only 1 make up lesson is allowed per lesson package.

Please note:  If a lesson is missed/cancelled without 24 hours written notice then the lesson will be considered taken and will not be rescheduled or refunded.

INCLEMENT WEATHER - Wake Robin Farm reserves the right to cancel lessons due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.  We will endeavor to provide as much prior notice as possible.   Make up lessons will be scheduled within a 2 week period as a result of a cancellation.

NSF CHEQUES - Wake Robin Farm will charge a $50 administration fee for any cheques returned NSF.

ARRIVAL TIME - Equine Therapy riders are asked to arrive 5 minutes prior to their assigned lesson time to check in with their instructor.    Students are responsible for arriving on time and wearing proper riding attire to their lesson.

Please note: Wake Robin Farm reserves the right to prohibit late rider(s) from joining a lesson if the lesson is already in progress.    This policy will be enforced at the discretion of the instructor.

FOOT ATTIRE - All riders must wear proper hard soled boots with a minimum 1/2” flat heel and maximum 2” heel.  No running shoes or platform heels are allowed.   No open-toed shoes are allowed in the barn area at any time.

HEAD GEAR - All riders must wear approved ASTM helmets.   Approved helmets are available to borrow at no charge.   Wake Robin Farm does not guarantee helmet fit or safety.   Wake Robin Farm recommends each rider purchase their own approved ASTM helmet.

SPECTATORS - Spectators are welcome to watch riders participate in their lessons from designated safe areas.  Spectators are not permitted in the barn at any time.   Visiting children are to be accompanied by an adult at all times while on the property.    Dogs are not allowed on the property at any time.    No smoking on the property at any time.    Spectators are asked to conduct themselves in a quiet manner while on the property to ensure everyone’s safety.

RIDER CONDUCT - All riders are asked to conduct themselves in a quiet respectful manner at all times while on the property.   Wake Robin Farm reserves the right to excuse a rider from a lesson or from the lesson program should their behaviour present an unsafe or improper situation.

​Thank you for your understanding.  

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   Equine Therapy


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What is Equine Therapy?
Equine Therapy is simply the art of using horses to promote physical, emotional and cognitive growth.

How it Works
Equine Therapy works in many ways.

Riding and interacting with horses, by nature, involves calm deliberate action and focus.  Riders learn to communicate with their horse verbally, by touch and through body language.  Grooming a horse encourages nurturing, physical contact and use of fine motor skills. Riding itself allows a sense of empowerment and control in an environment that expands spatial awareness.

The Benefits

Facilitates Social Interaction                               Stimulates Outside Awareness                     Encourages Emotional Connection and Empathy       Provides Stress Relief and Diversion from Anxiety and Fears                                                               Increases Self Confidence                                 Teaches Responsibility and Independence    

Improves Motor Skills and Focus                       Provides Physical Activity and Fresh Air

And of course.....its tons of Fun! 

Our Equine Therapy Program
Wake Robin Farm offers year round private and semi-private lessons for students with an ASD as well as those with emotional or developmental challenges.   Students participate in weekly one hour sessions. Sessions include 30 minutes on-ground interaction with a horse and 30 minutes of riding instruction.


Includes approx. 30 minutes grooming and tacking up and 30 minutes one-on-one riding instruction. 

4 Weekly Private Lessons - $250
12 Weekly Private Lessons - $725


Includes approx. 30 minutes grooming and tacking up and 45 minutes riding instruction.   

4 Weekly Semi-Private Lessons - $225
12 Weekly Semi-Private Lessons - $650

(h.s.t. included for all above prices)  

Custom School and Group Programs available.  Please contact us for pricing and more information.

Book a free assessment!

New students are invited to start off with an assessment lesson.   There's no charge and takes about 30 minutes. Assessments include introduction to barn environment, interaction with a horse (or pony) followed by a sample riding lesson.  

Since each child is unique, our Equine Therapy instructor will work with parents and student to develop a session plan suited to individual needs.