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First of all.......What is Pony Club?
The Canadian Pony Club is a volunteer based organization which encourages young people to learn about horses, riding and equine sport.
The first Pony Club was formed in Great Britain in 1929.   Today there are Pony Clubs in more than 20 countries and over 100,000 members.    The Canadian Pony Club itself has over 250 Branches and Centers, 3,500 members and 1,000 volunteers.

Who can join?

Boys and girls between the ages of 6-21 are welcome to join.   You do not need to own your own horse or pony.

What is the Wake Robin Farm Pony Club Center?

Our Pony Club Center is part of the Central Ontario Region Pony Club Organization and is based out of Wake Robin Farm's riding facility in Mount Albert.  Our Pony Club members are welcome to use our lesson horses and ponies for various in-house and off property club related activities for a nominal fee.    

When does WRF Pony Club Center meet?

We meet every second Friday from 7pm-8:30pm.    Our meetings alternate between "in-barn" learning sessions and mounted activities.    We also schedule field trips to equine related and Pony Club events throughout the year.

How much does it cost to become a member?

2015/2016 Membership fees for the WRF Pony Club Center are $250 per year.   In addition, all Canadian Pony Club members are required to hold a current membership with the Ontario Equestrian Federation.      There are various additional costs depending on which activities and events you wish to participate in.    We try to keep these costs to a minimum.    Many events are free and members need only cover their cost for transportation.

How to join?

2015/2016 registration opens on December 1/2015.   Feel free to email us at info@wakerobin.ca to obtain registration forms and for further information.    Everyone is welcome to attend one of our regular Pony Club meetings to see what we're all about.


Canadian Pony Club Center

In 2013 Wake Robin Farm was honored to become the first accredited Canadian Pony Club Center in Ontario.

We currently have 10 active members and are excited about upcoming Pony Club events for the 2016 season!