Why us?
Wake Robin Farm instructors and employees are dedicated to helping students successfully set and achieve both personal and riding goals at a pace that is comfortable for each individual.    Our experienced and knowledgeable staff take pride in demonstrating confidence and leadership and to act as positive role models for young riders.     Our program horses have been specifically selected for their calm, reliable natures and for their suitability to teach young riders the ropes. 

Wake Robin Farm offers a safe, relaxed family friendly atmosphere.  Lessons are available year round.   New students are welcome at all times. 

Wake Robin Farm is a proud member of the Ontario Equestrian Federation's Facility Partner Program and is honored to be named the first accredited Canadian Pony Club Center in Ontario.

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  More t​han just a riding stable...


One of the most commonly asked question about our farm is...."where did you get the name Wake Robin?"

The Wake Robin riding program originally started on our small family farm just south of Uxbridge, Ontario.   The property was located in the heart of the Oak Ridges Moraine and surrounded by beautiful Durham Forest.  

Every May, for a few short weeks, the forest floor was covered in wild Trillium flowers.   The flowers held a sentimental value to our family and it seemed a fitting tribute to incorporate them into the name of the program.     After some research it was discovered that "Wake Robin" was a common term used to describe spring flowers, specifically Trillium flowers.     It was one of those "ah ha" moments.     "Wake Robin" was the perfect name with perfect meaning for our farm!

Why "Wake Robin"...?

​Who are we?

Wake Robin Farm began offering “Grassroots”Riding and Equestrian Programs to riders of all ages since 2007.    Our philosophy is simple...equestrian sport begins with learning a solid foundation of riding skills, equine knowledge and good sportsmanship.  Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive environment for all of our students. 

Why Riding? 
Horse back riding is an introspective and unique sport, the basis of which is built on a partnership developed, over time, between human and animal.     Not only does riding provide an excellent form of physical activity but, it also immerses riders in an empowering hands-on experience that teaches about compassion, patience, responsibility and self-reliance.    Many of the personal skills learned through the equine experience apply to   everyday life and relationships. 


What to Expect


Our instructors and staff are selected specifically for the positive energy and wealth of equine experience they bring to our programs.   



The safety of our students is priority.   Our facility and programming meets and exceeds the requirements set out by the Ontario Equestrian Federation.  Our horses are chosen for their calm and reliable natures.



Whether you're interested in recreational or competitive riding Wake Robin Farm encourages all riders to have fun and experience the many joys the world of horses has to offer.